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School Dfe performance tables

Below is a link to our page on the Dfe website, which contains our Key Stage 2 performance tables as well as other statistics about the school.

Chasetown Community School


 Performance tables service

This link to the school and college performance tables service allows for the comparison of  school performance results.


KS2 results and progress

The below tables show our most recent (last updated Summer 2016) performance results as published on the Dfe website. For full tables, charts and further information on the result data, please click on the Chasetown Community School link above. 






  Reading    Writing Maths
Progress score 


-13.70 to -7.10


-22.10 to -15.50


-13.00 to -7.20


Reading Maths
Average 'scaled scores' 90 88


Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths:     0%
Percentage of pupils achieving a higher standard in reading, writing and maths 0%