Proposal to federate

The below details our proposal to federate. This document is also available as a downloadable pdf at the bottom of the page, or in other formats on request from the school office.


Chasetown Community School                Western Springs Primary School



Consultation Period 4th July 2018 to 10th September 2018


1. Proposal

The Governing Bodies of Chasetown Community School and Western Springs Primary School have confirmed they are in agreement with a proposal to federate and are seeking the views of parents and carers, staff and other stakeholders on the idea of establishing a federation between the 2 schools from 1st January 2019. The name of the federation will be The Chase Federation.

Each School will maintain its individual character, status and ethos so that it can continue to best serve the community within which it is situated.

This is a proposal, which if agreed, we believe will enhance the pupils’ school experience and attainment through shared resources and experiences.

Governors wish to hear your views on this proposal – details of how you can make your representation are at the end of this report


2. Why Federate?

2i.Federation can be a very effective group structure, providing maintained schools with the opportunity to form a group, without incurring legal costs, to improve the education of pupils. This enables Governors and school leaders to focus on forming relationships between schools first, then joint leadership, Governance and business management. This can be done whilst remaining a maintained school, so that process is much more focused on relationship building and producing tangible outcomes for pupils, instead of being dominated by legal changes in charity/company status and land.

2ii.Shared Vision and Values

The vision is to for the two schools to preserve their individual character and ethos to best serve their individual communities; whilst collaborating to ensure the best possible progress and future for the pupils.

The Federation would aspire to develop a learning community, which seeks to raise the achievement, enjoyment and aspirations for all whilst supporting all children and their families.

The principles of equality, inclusion and commitment would underpin the values of the Federation, supporting the well-being of every child and their families.


3. Key Outcomes

Federations have the following advantages:

Better and broader offer for pupils, both curricular and non curricular

More opportunity to employ specialist staff

More CPD for staff

Better recruitment, succession planning and retention of staff

Moderation and bench marking - same systems of assessment, data and finances

Learning from each other

Enhanced capacity for innovation

• Efficiencies

Stronger and effective Governance


4. Admissions Authority

Staffordshire County Council would remain the admission authority for both schools within the federation.


5. The Constitution of the new Governing Body

5i. The draft instrument of Governance will be The School Governance (Federations) Regulations 2012; no 1030.

5ii. Both Governing Bodies will be committed to meaningful stakeholder engagement throughout their respective consultation periods.

5iii. Although the timing of the formal consultation would be synchronized between the 2 schools, each consultation would be discreet to each school. As such, any written representation should be made to the relevant Governing Body and would be considered at a local level in order to maintain impartiality and reach a decision that is right for each school community.

5iv. In each school the formal consultation would consist of :

Publication of the proposal on the schools’ websites

Translation in relevant key languages as required and availability in braille or audio

Hard copy letters to all parents and carers, staff and other stakeholders as set out in The School Governance (Federations) Regulations 2012

Scheduled parent consultation evenings

Scheduled staff consultation evenings

5v. Consultation evenings are scheduled at each school location for the 10.07.18., 3:30 - 4:30 for staff and 4:30 - 7:00 for parents. This consultation letter, dated 3.07.18 opens the consultation period which will close on 10.09.18.

5vi. The new Governing Body would consist of 13 members, 2 parent governors, 1 elected staff Governor, 1 local authority Governor, 7 co-opted Governors and 2 head teacher’s. This would ensure equality of representation from the individual schools.

The School Governance (Constitution and Federations) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 only allows for 2 parent governors and no allowance to stipulate from which school

The School Governance (Federations) Regulations 2012; no 1030. only allows for 1 staff governor and no allowance to stipulate from which school

The School Governance (Federations) Regulations 2012 ; no 1030, introduced the category of co-opted governors, the total number of co-opted governors who are eligible to be elected as staff governors must not exceed one third of the total membership of the governing body

Both local Governing Bodies should complete the NGA Governing Body skills audit to inform the process of determining membership

Membership of the Newly constituted Governing Body should provide skills and expertise in the following areas:

- Community

- Business/ Charity

- Education strategy and scrutiny

- Finance

  •  Human Resources   

6. Staffing

Initially there would be no change in the staffing structure, including the leadership structure to ensure an effective transition period. The transition period would be determined in consultation with both local Governing Bodies and the Head teachers of both schools, before the Federation was established. Following the transition period, it is proposed that there would be one executive Head teacher with two Heads of School and that a restructuring of staffing took place to ensure efficient and effective deployment of resources.


7. Issues and Challenges

7i. Both Governing Bodies have received copies of The Road to Federation and The Challenges and Benefits of Federation (NGA).

These relate to:

• Staff

• Parents

Other stakeholders

• Transitions

Transparency between schools

Consistent evaluation and review

A working knowledge of both schools

7ii. Key questions to consider

How will we improve the quality and consistency of teaching and learning

How will we increase aspirations

How will we work in partnership and what will each partnership bring to the Federation, e.g.; unique identity

How will we make a difference


8. Strategic Plan

A strategic plan for the federation will be drafted in light of the consultation responses and the completion of Due Diligence by both schools.

9. Due Diligence

Due diligence will cover the following areas:

• Financial

• Legal

• Commercial

• Property

• Standards

• Governance



Linda James                                                 Shirley Wellings

Chasetown Community school                     Western Springs Primary School




Proposal to Federate


Chasetown Community School and Western Springs Primary School


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