Chasetown Community School

International partnership

For a number of years Chasetown Community School has had close links with the Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh in New Delhi, India working together on a number of projects to help pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Our two schools have been successful in obtaining a reciprocal visit grants from the British Council allowing members of staff from Chasetown Community School to visit the Modern Public School in Delhi spending time with teachers and students to see how pupils are educated and a school is run in India and for staff from our partner school to visit us.


This year we are delighted to expand our international connections to schools in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Tunisia, Hawaii (USA) and South America. During the year we will running a number of projects to help us get to know our new partners and for them to learn something about us. These will include topics such as “A day in the life of….”, “Festivals around the world” and “Traditional recipes”.