Our Curriculum

Our school curriculum is decided upon by members of our Leadership team, Dr L James, Mrs E Mountstephens, Mrs J Rowell and Mrs A Westoby. If you would like more information on our curriculum, please contact the school office. Information on the National Curriculum can be found here.

The Chair of our curriculum committee is Mr S Norman



Creative Curriculum Maps for Key Stage 2/3 (School Year 2018/19)

Our Key stage 2 and 3 pupils follow the National Curriculum programme of study through our Creative curriculum.  The below Curriculum maps are working documents which are in continuous development. Any changes will be uploaded as they are made.

Key Stage 2 Overview

Key stage 2 Autumn  2018

Key Stage 2 Spring     2019

Key Stage 3 Spring 2019

Key Stage 2 Summer 2019

Key Stage 3 Summer 2019

Creative Curriculum Maps for Key Stage 2/3 (School Year 2019/20)


Key Stage 2 Autumn  2019

Key Stage 2 Spring     2020

Key Stage 2 Summer 2020