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Chasetown Community School

Working to Achieve

School Meals

Please note that we are currently running a reduced school dinner menu until further notice:

  • Jacket potatoes with cheese and/or beans or tuna
  • Sandwich grab bag, with fruit and dessert 
  • Fish (battered fish or fish fingers) and chips, plus dessert will be served on Friday as usual

Occasionally there may be changes to the above menu. When this occurs we will notify parents/carers ahead of time via text and/or flyer.

School Meal Price

A child's School meal costs £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week. We currently can only accept payments by cash or cheque.

 Meat content

Please note that we do not serve beef in any of our meals. Where beef is mentioned on a menu, this is replaced with lamb or turkey.  For school trip meals, we are only able to offer cheese sandwiches or buttered bread.

 Breakfast club

Our school holds a breakfast club offering children toast or fruit. We do ask for a voluntary contribution of up to £2 week. 

 Free School Meal Applications

An online application form is now available at which removes the need to print and scan/email/post the form and so should make the application process easier and quicker for both schools and parents. The paper form is still available from the same webpage if required.