Chasetown Community School



We all have a statutory duty to “Safeguard and promote the welfare of children”. To maintain an professional attitude of “it could Happen Here” where safeguarding is concerned.


All staff are encouraged to report any concerns that they may have and not see these as insignificant. On occasions, a referral is justified by a single incident such as an injury or disclosure of abuse. More often than however, concerns accumulate over a period of time and are evidenced by building up a picture of harm over time; this is particularly true in cases of emotional abuse or neglect. In these circumstances, it is crucial that staff record and pass on concerns in accordance with this policy to allow the Designated Safeguarding Lead to build up a picture and access support for the child at the earliest opportunity.


Our safeguarding team
The Designated safeguarding lead DSL (Headteacher)

Name: Linda James 

Their mobile number is: 07834747981



Safeguarding officer (LAC Co-ordinator)

Name: Liz Mountstephens

Their mobile number is: 07595219332



Deputy Safeguarding deputy (senco)

Name: Kate Archer

Their mobile number is: 07540726354



Assistant Safeguarding Officer (Online Safety co-ordinator)

Name: Anne Westoby

Their mobile number is: 07395856114



Children and families support co-ordinator

Name: Dawn Jenks

Their mobile number is: 07730766019



Child protection/Safeguarding governor

Name: Steven Norman

Their mobile number is: 07866015165


Child Protection and safeguarding