Chasetown Community School

Reporting safeguarding concerns


Report Harmful Content
Have you been upset or concerned about what someone online has been saying to you? Use this button or you can also call or chat to Childline using the next button. Need to chat or looking for some advice? Click on the button or give them a call on 0800 1111. Seem something online that has upset you or you are concerned about? Click the button above to report it. Have an issue or concern? You can make an anonymous report using the report and issue button or also by texting CHA1 and your message to: 07860 021 323. Texts are anonymous and your number will not be visible. Seen something online? Report it using this button.


If you would like to report or talk about a safeguarding concern you have, our Designated Safeguarding Lead or Child protection/Safeguarding Governor will be happy to help.


Linda James Headteacher - Designated Safeguarding- lead

07834 747981


Steve Norman - Child protection/Safeguarding Governor