Chasetown Community School

School Closure


Should the school be closed for any reason (snow, flooding, broken heating etc.) you will be able to find out on the county council’s website. This website is updated in real time by the school and will allow you to get up to date information on a closure. In addition, a smart phone version of the school closure list is also available.

The link below will take you to the school closer list on the Staffordshire county council's website. closure list


How is the decision to close a school made?


Staffordshire County Council does not make a decision to close all schools due to bad weather. The decision to close the school will be taken by the Headteacher. They have to determine whether children and staff can travel safely to and from school and if the site will remain safe throughout the day.


To do this a risk assessment is conducted taking into account a range of factors including:

  • State of pathways, steps and slopes around the school
  • Condition of roads and pathways in the local area
  • Whether school's heating, lighting and water is working correctly
  • Whether catering can be provided  
Availability of taxis


In the event of school closure the Headteacher will contact transport operators to advise them that the school is closed.

Even if the school is open, transport operators may still feel that it is unsafe to make a journey because of the weather in their district. They can make the decision not to operate a run and will advise parents/carers and the school of this as soon as possible. 

For parents/carers who transport their own children


If the school is closed: the headteacher will notify parents/carers who transport their own children.

If the school is open, but the parent/carer feels that the journey is not safe due  to prevailing weather conditions then they should notify the school that they will not be bringing their child in. 

You can also find out about any school closures from:
  • Listening for announcements on local radio stations (radio stations will be asked to refer to the web site for up to date information)
  • If the school is closed the closure will be announced on BBC Radio Stoke 94.6 or 104.1 FM and also Heart FM 100.7
  • A message on this website
  • A message on school answer phone
  • A text to parents/carer for whom we have a mobile number