Chasetown Community School

School Code of conduct

 Our School Code of Conduct can be found as part of our Positive relationships and behaviour policy here. This is currently undergoing review


  • All children who attend the school will be expected to conform to the daily routine and order of the school and to show courtesy and respect for others.


  • School staff will strive to provide a calm, well ordered, empathetic and effective learning environment where children will be encouraged to develop a positive self image, realise the need for self discipline and thoughtfulness for others and develop high standards of behaviour.


  • All children will be expected to act sensibly and responsibly whilst travelling on school transport and to show courtesy and respect for the driver, escort and other children.


  • Standards may be reflected in the wearing of appropriate school dress as well as in acceptable behaviour. Children are encouraged to wear school uniform.


Conduct for the use of ICT and On-line Safety

When pupils are admitted to our school they are required to sign a computer acceptable use policy. This is also displayed in our ICT suite and classrooms. A copy of this can be viewed here


The Chasetown Community School Staff Code of Conduct  

 Our staff code of conduct can be viewed here.