Chasetown Community School

Attendance and School Transport


 Information about transport for children with Special Educational Needs in Staffordshire can be found here.  If you have any questions or queries regarding your child's transport, please follow this link:


If your area is not listed or if you have questions about departure/arrival times or any issues that occur on taxis, please contact the school office. Please be aware that all school transport is arranged by the local authorities and we are unable to ask taxies to drop off children at any other locations, only your home address. 


  • East Staffordshire and Tamworth: 01283 239755
  • Lichfield and Cannock: 01543 512050
  • Stafford and South Staffordshire: 01785 356854
  • Newcastle and Staffordshire Moorlands: 01782 297524


In the event that you move home address, it is your responsibility to contact the relevant local authority who provide your transport. The school is unable to to this on your behalf. They can require up to two weeks to arrange this. 


Our transport co-ordinator is Mrs Rose.
School closures


For information about what we do in the event of a school closure can be found here. 

Attendance policy

Our attendance policy can be here 

The staff who monitor attendance in school are Mr Orgill and Mrs Jenks.



Attendance Responsibilities


Parents/carers should notify the school Office, by phone on 01543 686315, by email to or contact Mrs Jenks on 07730 766 019 by 9.30 am on each day of absence  unless an absence is known in advance e.g.  awaiting test results, 48 hours after being sick etc. Should the school not receive any notification, one of our staff will contact the parents/carers to attain the reason.


It is your responsibility to inform the taxi if your child does not need collecting and not to have them pass on any messages about absences.


 Parents/carers who wish to take their children on holiday must complete the necessary holiday (leave of absence) form before the holiday. Due to changes in the regulations, the Headteacher can only authorise holidays in  exceptional circumstances. A form can be requested by contacting the school office, downloaded here, or be completed online here. Notifications will then be sent by text and/or letter.


We initially aim to work with parents/carers when a pupils absence starts to become a concern. Should this be unsuccessful, the School will notify an EWO (Educational Welfare Officer) of any continuous/repeated unapproved absences, together with any special circumstances. This may lead to a penalty notice being issued.


 Should you wish to discuss any issues with your child's attendance, please contact us as soon as possible. 


Further information on school attendance in Staffordshire can be found here. 

Requesting leave in term time

For more information about requesting leave during term time, please click here

An online version of our requesting leave form can be found here.