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FSM e-voucher form

Dear Parent/Carer


We have been notified by Staffordshire County Council that they have received a grant from the Government to support those who are entitled to Free School Meals for their child. In order to send out these vouchers they need to collect data from each school to identify any children who are eligible for FSM.

Before we can pass on your contact information so that they can send an e-Voucher for your child, we need your consent to share your data with them. The data we need to share is: Your name, your mobile telephone number and your email address (and your address if you don’t have access to smart phone or internet).

Please read the below information provided by Staffordshire County Council and complete the below form by Monday 19th October in order that we can provide the relevant information so that you get your e-voucher before school closes for half term on Tuesday 20th April 2020. If you prefer you can complete the paper form that has been sent out.

IMPORTANT if we do not receive your consent we will be unable to pass on your information and you will not receive your voucher.


Delivery of the eVouchers:

The e-Voucher will be provided directly to you by Staffordshire County Council, through Hemingways Marketing Services. The eVoucher can be provided to you via text, email or post in exceptional circumstances. The District Family Hub will only provide eVouchers via post where your family does not have access to a smartphone or the internet. The eVoucher will be provided directly to your family by 5:00pm on Monday 26th October 2020 at the latest. If you have not received your eVoucher by this point, you should contact their local Family Hub in the first instance at:

FSM vouchers

Permission to share personal information for the purposes of receiving evoucher for Free School Meals during October half term holiday 2020.